Taking A Step back From Unhealthy Internet Habits

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Before the pandemic, I would usually be so good at managing the time I spend using any form of technology and making sure that I don’t get to a point where I am reliant on it if I can find a better way around it. But ever since the start of this pandemic, I have noticed a spike increase in how much I rely and use technology and the internet. I would say that that has to do with just being connected and communicative with others because we are all forced to be at home. Aside from educational purposes, I have found myself to be on social media for longer periods of time, losing track of time, and falling off my self-discipline for technology and the internet.

For the past six months or so, I have been feeling stressed out with being overly “connected” online. From trying to keep up with my social life and staying in touch with people, to being disconnected in any motivation to do any type of task. Whenever I sit down in front of my laptop at this point, the emotional stress and anxiety comes rushing back and I don’t feel like doing anything. I mostly blame this to being so busy seven days a week and constantly not having enough time for myself to regroup. Before the pandemic, I would have a self care day (usually on Sundays) to have a restart before my week begins. But I haven’t been able to do that for the past year because I have been constantly busy with either work or school. They all have business with the usage of technology and the internet.

To reduce my stress and anxiety, I have to establish some type of control for myself. I need to get back on track of controlling my time management. I need to give myself that break away from social media and any type of technology and enjoy the company of others for a start. I have been so careful during the pandemic that I haven’t really seen my friends or other family members and feel as if I am kind of depressed in that sense. I also need to switch up my work routine after the semester is over. With school out the way, I have a ton of time to fix up my act and take a good break from technology.

Ways I could improve and reduce would be setting aside time every morning without the use of technology. The first and last thing I do every morning and night is reach for my phone, and I want to eliminate that. Reading a book before bed, or reading a book while drinking my morning coffee is something I want to incorporate into my routine. Journaling can be another thing that would be a distraction from social media and technology. Incorporating other activities that still engages with my mind that isn’t the internet is a good way to start.

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Manaal Dahir

Manaal Dahir

Third year student at the University of Minnesota — Twin Cities